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19 Things Your Massage Therapist Wishes You Knew!


We cannot be in the room when you are getting undressed, no matter how confident you feel about your body.

©️ Sam Manns

©️ Sam Manns


Didn’t shave? Don’t worry about it, we’re too busy thinking about which muscles to massage.


Hair doesn’t need to be clean for us, we’ll just get it oily again.


Massage shouldn’t be a luxury for the rich, but a supportive tool for the lively.


Professional massage is NOT a fairy tale, you won’t get a happy ending.

©️ Ashton Mullins


Everyone has a different body, and we get used to seeing them all, don’t feel self-conscious.

©️ Omar Lopez


If you are sick, injured or have health concerns: please go to the doctor first so that we can make sure we’re helping you.


Please be on time to get the most out of your massage, we’d hate for you to miss out on much needed table time.


It’s your choice whether you would like to chat during your treatment or not. If you’re here to relax you don’t have to talk, and we’ll understand.


Most of us are not real keen on the term Masseuse.


Don’t worry if you fall asleep, it’s the best compliment a massage therapist can get!


Is your face looking a bit smooshed after being face down in a hole for a while? So is everyone else’s.


If you are unhappy with something we have done or said during your treatment, please let us know. Feedback is always valued and helps us provide better massage treatments.

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We love getting bragged about!


Our time together during your treatment is relatively short compared to the rest of your week, so stretching at home really helps you to get the most out of your massage.

©️ Zoltan Tasi


Thanks for thinking of re-making the table after you’ve hopped up, but we wash the towels afterwards anyway.


Farting, snoring and grumbling stomachs are all normal signs of relaxation.

©️ Sadik Kuzu


Your success story is important to us.


We cannot fix a years worth of pain in one hour, you may need to do several treatments to get the best results.

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