Seashelle Business Broadcast!!!

Sometimes it can be hard to put your trust in the hands of a complete stranger.  Of course you can look at websites or ads, but it’s always easier to go by word of mouth.  Below is a list of local businesses that deserve a shout-out, and you’d be mad to miss out on!

Naturopath / Nutritionalist

Cody at CK Health has been the first and only evidence-based naturopath that I’ve met.  Her passion for helping people is shown through her regular free & booked out health talks at various locations, and it was obvious fairly early on that she wasn’t just after my money, her first port of call was to look at what lifestyle changes I could make to improve my health conditions.  Cody gave non-judgemental nutritional advice, supplements, lifestyle counselling, as well as recommending services & apps I could use.  Personally, I’m not one to take herbs regularly, so Cody worked around that and didn’t try to push unnecessary products or tests for me to spend money on.

Cody offers free 20 minute (obligation free) assessments for new clients which give her the chance to hear what you’ve got going on, talk about what your options may be or refer you to a different specialist if needed (what have you got to lose really?)

Handmade Chinese Noodles & Dumplings

Oh my gosh! I cannot rate Frankys enough.  The fantastic food and charming customer service has won my heart over! Franky the chef can be seen creating the only handmade noodles in Newcastle from the front window, and if you’re lucky you might even hear him singing happy tunes while he does it! Matt the waiter, is super friendly and charismatic, making sure that you have the best dinner (or lunch, or takeaway) experience possible!

Occupational Therapist / Chiropractor

We’ve all heard the general experience of chiropractors, where you’re treated like you’re part of a production line, and expected to come in 2-3 times a week for a 2 minute treatment.

I first heard about Aaron from Hunter Functional Health through a client, and after learning that she was getting dry-needling, strengthening exercises and cupping during her 40 minute consultations, I just had to see what he was like for myself.
I walked into my first appt with a sprained ankle (obviously not expecting it to be looked at by a chiropractor), but little did I realise that the blend of OT and chiro, mixed with Aaron’s passion for physiology meant I was going to get assessed from head to toe.  I’ve since had cupping, soft tissue mobilisation & releasing, compression flossing and rehabilitation training for an assortment of niggles and complaints. If you didn’t understand a single word of what I just said then you, my friend, are missing out! I’m not a fan of being cracked, and unlike most chiropractors Aaron respects that.  I see many clients that love Aaron’s work and take advantage of his OT/ Chiro knowledge to complement their massages.

Iyengar Yoga & Movement

I don’t know why but I always thought that yoga would be easy.  Previously I’d been to classes at other yoga studios that involved stretching or doing routines where I didn’t completely understand what I was supposed to be doing and ran the risk of injuring myself.  Infuse Health practices Iyengar yoga, and they check everyone’s posture for every pose, helping you to adjust it if needed to avoid injury and benefit as much as possible.  I’m constantly finding that their attentiveness means I can’t get away with slacking off during a class, and I’m challenged to push my body within its limits.  They offer a variety of props and loads of variants to help you work within your ability.

Infuse Health also offer Movement classes.  Don’t know what Movement is? That’s alright, it’s a fairly common reaction I get when I bring it up.  Before doing movement, I used to describe it as Hipster Gym because it was so hard to define. I would see people playing with tennis balls, doing handstands and walking on the edges of their feet, and feel so confused about what it was.  Since I’ve been doing it though, I’ve learnt that Movement teaches you the fundamentals of how the body moves and limitations that our repetitive lifestyles can cause. Most of the time you’re doing something so fun, you don’t realise it’s exercise until you’re feeling sore the next day!  Movement offers training to improve all aspects of physical abilities. Uses inspiration and basic principles from strength training, gymnastics, sports, calisthenics, dance, martial arts, yoga and more!

If you’re still a bit confused, check these videos out:

Logo for Little Mischief

Obedience Training / Pet Sitting

Patient dog training made fun from the comfort of your own home.  I’ve had the pleasure of working with Amelia in a past career, and have seen for myself how wonderful she is around animals.  I would trust her with training or looking after my furbabies in an instant!

Logo for Vella Hair


Shell and Hope Vella are a mother-daughter duo who really make a family feel like a team, creating a vibrant hair salon in Kahibah.  Vella Hair use Australian products that don’t contain any harmful chemicals, while providing a fun and judgement free atmosphere. I’ve also never seen anyone as passionate about hair colour, curls or braids as these two.

Boutique clothing store for pregnant or breastfeeding mums, with fantastic workshops and gifts available.  Gemma is super passionate about Mums and has a wonderful heart! The workshops being run at the moment are on breastfeeding and the fourth trimester (being a new mum).