Love getting a massage but not sure how often you should be coming in?  Hopefully you’ve never experienced feeling like you’re just a number to fill a clinic’s books and pay their bills.  Here’s a quick guideline to help you make an educated decision about rebooking your appointment, and understand why it may be important to come back in during a certain time frame.

At Seashelle Massage, every treatment aims to help get you back to doing the things that you love, and keep you there!  This is best done with prevention and maintenance, although sometimes injuries happen that need mending.  It can be hard to help you without seeing you, so usually a follow up appointment will be made to check in down the track.  This reserves a spot for you so that if you find yourself up struggle street, you can come in easily. The last thing anyone wants is for you to need that urgent appointment because you’re in pain, and there are no available appointments for you.

Durations between appointments vary for everyone, and clients are always told that if they’re still feeling awesome a few days before their massage, they can always get in touch to postpone it.  Woohoo! Below is a rough guideline of time frames between appointments to help you understand Seashelle Massage’s rebooking system. Heads up, this is just a guideline not a rule book.

Ideal Time Frame To Rebook*Reason For Massage
1-2 WeeksPerfect for clients wanting to overcome an injury or niggle as quickly as possible before other bad habits start to form, or muscles start compensating.
2-3 WeeksIdeal for when injury is still present but not severe or debilitating. It’s important not to skip past this too quickly or improvement may regress.
3-4 WeeksYou’ve levelled up! The injury or niggle is doing much better and it’s time to start your maintenance program.
6-8 WeeksPerfect for a ‘once in a blue moon’ massage to relax, destress, and have a quiet hour to yourself. There are no niggles or tight areas in your body.

Important Note: Stretching and foam rolling are highly recommended between each appointment as part of your daily self care routine.  Ask your massage therapist if you’re unsure of what stretches you could be doing.

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*This guideline is based on the tried and tested results of Seashelle Massage’s clients as well as the time frames that Shelle of Seashelle Massage applies to herself when booking her own massages.