What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is the use of small needles inserted into specific locations on the body in order to create a therapeutic effect, that is improve health or help resolve a specific symptom or condition.

What is massage?

Massage is the practice of kneading or manipulating muscles and other soft tissue (such as tendons, ligaments and fascia) to encourage the body to enhance its ability to heal itself.   

What does acupuncture treat?

Acupuncture is a part of Chinese medicine and is a complete form of medicine that has been practiced effectively for thousands of years. Acupuncture is known for helping eliminate pain but also works with digestive issues, women’s health, stress and fatigue to name a few. Find out more about the benefits of acupuncture here.

What does massage treat?

Massage treats soft tissue, the circulation of blood and lymph as well as the nervous system.  Massage can help with chronic pain, mental health, sleep issues, soft tissue injuries, auto-immune diseases and more.  Massage can effectively help anyone from babies and the elderly to athletes or mums, with any variety of conditions specific to their demographic.

How do massage and acupuncture work together?

When used together, massage and acupuncture can minimise the time it takes to recover from pain, and reduce healing time.  Massage focuses externally to make internal improvements, while acupuncture focuses internally to make external improvements.  They combine treatment of the mind and treatment of the body to work holistically for the person receiving.

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This article has been co-written by Jeff Shearer and Shelle Dixon.  Jeff Shearer is a registered Chinese medicine practitioner who runs Evolve Natural Medicine in Waratah NSW.  Shelle Dixon is a remedial massage therapist from Seashelle Massage in Mayfield West, NSW.