Ever wondered about Naturopathy and Massage?  What even is Naturopathy?  How can it work alongside your Massage treatments?  Read on for more info!

What is Naturopathy?

A Naturopath is a natural medicine practitioner who not only provides symptomatic relief for your symptoms using herbs, nutritional medicine and therapeutic diets, but also looks for the underlying cause of your health condition and supports getting your body back to optimal health.

Naturopathy and massage

What is Massage?

Massage is the practice of kneading or manipulating muscles and other soft tissue (such as tendons, ligaments and fascia) to encourage the body to enhance its ability to heal itself. 

How can Naturopathy and Massage work together?

Do you find yourself constantly booking in for a massage and only improving to a certain point?  It’s well worth booking an initial consultation with a Naturopath if you’re struggling with the symptoms of headaches, arthritis, tight muscles, lack of sleep, mental health problems and stress.  Naturopathy can help to internally address the problems listed above, better investigate the cause to the problem and prevent it reoccurring in the future. Similarly, if seeing a Naturopath for these issues, a massage therapist can help your physically achey joints or tight neck muscles to hit the reset button so that you’re able to better feel the effectiveness of the recommended herbs and natural medicines.

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This article has been co-written by Cheree Sheldon and Shelle Dixon.  Cheree is a fully qualified naturopath at CK Health in Newcastle, NSW.  Shelle is a remedial massage therapist from Seashelle Massage in Newcastle, NSW.