Seashelle Massage’s precautions for Covid-19

Seashelle Massage understands how important it is to stay up to date with Covid-19 guidelines.  Seashelle Massage has always had a high standard for cleaning and providing fresh linens for each client.  Below are some additional strategies that have been put in place with Covid-19 to help keep you safe.

Disinfecting like mad

Giving you a clean slate, and table, and chair and….

The treatment room is being thoroughly disinfected between each appointment.  This will minimise any possible risk of anything that has possibly been touched by previous clients.


Bring your own bottle of water.  While normally you would be greeted with a nice glass of water, we’ve decided to hit the pause button on this to help reduce any risk.  There’s also so much disinfectant and alcohol being sprayed around the room that you’d probably get drunk off your water anyway…

No more glasses of water to prevent risk

Face Masks for everyone!

All clients are asked to wear a face mask while attending their appointment while it’s mandated. Before the treatment, while lying supine and after the treatment, clients are asked to wear their face masks.  Don’t have a mask? We can provide you with a disposable one. Don’t worry, your therapist will be wearing a face mask as well.

If you are unable to wear a mask due to any health conditions or disabilities, please provide a letter from your registered health care professional, or disability care provider for our records.

Everyone is awesome!

All clients are expected to stay home if they have been told to, or are feeling unwell. Any clients coming from hotspots or unwell, can have their appointments rescheduled, and the cancellation fee waived.  Everyone is checking in on arrival to help with contact tracing.

A few extra things being done

  • Face masks to be worn
  • QR code check in on arrival
  • Increased cleaning / disinfection
  • Preferred payment method is EFTPOS
  • Hand sanitizer is readily available
  • Massage table set up has been changed due to increased disinfection
  • No more glasses of water / BYOB recommended (Bring Your Own Bottle)
  • Contact with unnecessary things has been reduced
  • Bigger gaps between bookings
  • Social distancing in the waiting room
  • Clean linens have been moved away from massage table and placed in beautiful Covid cupboards
  • All linens, re-usable face masks and uniforms are profesionally laundered after each single use.
  • Staff are previously trained in infection control
  • Shelle has Completed Government training in Infection Control for Covid-19
  • Professional cleaners coming in to make things even more squeaky clean
  • The gym downstairs are also following guidelines

Have any more suggestions on how things can be kept clean?  Please mention it at your next appt, because comfort and safety is a huge priority at Seashelle Massage.