Hiya I’m Shelle!  I’m a remedial massage therapist local to Charlestown.

I’ve massaged thousands of clients from desk jockeys to weekend warriors over the last few years.

I love sports and being active!  After years of being a clutz in soccer and aerial arts, I found massage to be the best thing to help with bouncing back from injuries and providing maintenance to help get me back to the things I loved!  At the time I was working as a receptionist at a large massage clinic. Not only was I going through my own awesome experiences of the benefits of massage, but I was also seeing loads of other people going through the same thing.

Once I started as a massage therapist I couldn’t wait to learn more about how to help others like me, with things such as frozen shoulder, injuries on rotator cuff muscles and carpal tunnel syndrome.  I also love getting my hands on necks and headaches!

When I’m not massaging, I’m usually hanging out with family, doing something outdoors or getting a massage myself!

Please feel free to give me a buzz on 0431 012 652 if you have any massage questions or want to chat!

Shelle at Seashelle Massage

Massage Therapist Shelle

Charlotte at Seashelle Massage

Meet the team - Charlotte

Hello everyone!

I’m Charlotte! I love the thought of being able to help people out, and to get them back to doing what they love.

I have recently moved over from the UK, once experiencing the beauty that Australia has. I started massage because I have always had a love for sports and training. I have studied sports coaching, which involved remedial massage (this is where I first found my love for the subject) where I then continued to do a year doing sport and exercise science at uni.

I regularly go on bush walks and love being active and getting out adventuring. I have been playing netball from a young age and love the sporting environment.

I understand the many benefits that massage can bring, and love that it is so unique to each individual. I enjoy learning new things, and creating a treatment suited to you.

I have put massage into practise since starting the course early last year, to gain as much experience, this included treating a whole range of injuries. Lack of ROM and tight, sore muscles. Massage is a great way to maintain and to help treat injuries.

I am super excited to meet you all!