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Massage: To Do or Not To Do?

Sometimes it can be hard to know if it’s the right time to get massaged or not.  It might feel like you can’t call your massage therapist to ask, because it’s obvious or they’ll just immediately say yes to get your money right?  Wrong. There are some times when it’s best to wait a bit […]

9 Massage Myths You’ve Been Duped With.

I can almost guarantee that you have been told these or heard it in context of massage therapy. While I’m not sure how these have started, I’m here to de-bunk a few things. No Pain, No Gain! Somehow along the way we’ve started a rumor that the massage has to be painful to be beneficial. […]

19 Things Your Massage Therapist Wishes You Knew!

1. We cannot be in the room when you are getting undressed, no matter how confident you feel about your body. 2. Didn’t shave? Don’t worry about it, we’re too busy thinking about which muscles to massage. 3. Hair doesn’t need to be clean for us, we’ll just get it oily again. 4. Massage shouldn’t […]