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Massage: To Do or Not To Do?

Sometimes it can be hard to know if it’s the right time to get massaged or not.  It might feel like you can’t call your massage therapist to ask, because it’s obvious or they’ll just immediately say yes to get your money right?  Wrong. There are some times when it’s best to wait a bit before getting a massage. Below is a list of things that you may have not considered about your appointment:


This is a BIG one, it’s one of those instances when sharing is NOT caring.  You can’t plan when you’re going to have a flu or cold, but please be considerate of the massage therapist and their clients.  Whenever I have a client rock up desperate for their massage while they’ve got a cold, I always let them know one of two things could happen.  The first is that the treatment could make you feel worse- your immune (lymphatic) system is already under stress and then massage increases the blood circulation, which is like making your tired immune system work the lunch hour rush.  The second thing is that massage could help to make you feel better quicker because your immune system is on high speed. Regardless of this, imagine being face down in a massage table with a runny nose! If you have an appt coming up and you get sick, please let your therapist know immediately so that they can change things around for you.


Pregnancy massage IS a thing and it’s awesome. A massage therapist specially trained in pregnancy massage will lie you on your side if you’re in your second or third trimester, as this is safest for both you and your bub.  Pregnancy massage has a whole range of benefits for both mum and bub. Click here to read more on an article I helped to co-write about pregnancy massage…


Up to 6 weeks after a new tattoo, the skin is compromised and unsafe for massage as it’s vulnerable to the possible spread of infection.  Increasing blood circulation in the area can also increase itching during the healing process, which is super annoying.

Dislocated / Broken Bones!

Believe it or not, massage will not fix your broken or dislocated bones.   Massage can help with muscular and connective tissue, circulation, and a whole range of things causing pain.  However, if you walk in with a dislocated collarbone, as a really specific example (that may or may not have actually happened), your massage therapist will have to gently avoid the area, and will advise you to see your GP.


This can depend on what the operation was.  If the surgery was on a specific area like your ingrown toenail- you’ll be fine to come in and just have that area avoided.  If the surgery was something a bit more involved than that like a C-section or appendix removal, it’s always safest to wait 6 weeks before trying to lie on that area during a treatment.  Your massage therapist may also ask for a Doctors note before doing the treatment.


There’s heaps of controversy around massage and cancer as some therapists may not feel comfortable with massaging a client with cancer.  In all cases, it’s best to ask your GP for a letter to give to the therapist. Click here to read more about why the Cancer Council is supportive of massage.

Varicose Veins

There’s two reasons for this.  Varicose veins can be a contraindication of massage, because there are some arguments for this causing clots to form.  Another reason is that it can be very painful after the massage (and not in the good way).

Before Brekky

Some people don’t like eating before they lie down on their stomach which is fair.  Massage can mess with blood pressure though, and if you’re fasting it can make you very light-headed or woozy after the massage when you go to stand up.  The last thing anyone wants is someone falling off the massage table out of hunger! Please have juice or a small snack if not a proper meal.