We’re not just a ‘standard’ Remedial Massage clinic in Newcastle, therefore we don’t have a generic menu or charge add-ons.  Each treatment can include a range of techniques from cupping, strapping, stretching, remedial hot stones or more, depending on the individual massage therapists training and area of expertise.  The techniques your treatment may include will vary each appointment, to best suit your specific muscular problems.

Clinic Room

Newbie Appointments (for first timers/ initial consults)

Deep Tissue Massage*

Remedial Massage



Follow-up Appointments (for regulars)

Remedial Massage w Shelle (1 hour)

Deep Tissue Massage w Charlotte (1 hour) *

Short Remedial appt (1/2 hour)

Long Remedial appt (1.5 hour)

Pregnancy massage (1 hour)






*Not health fund rebatable

A bit about what we do

Remedial Hot Stone Massage in Newcastle

Remedial Stone Fusion

Getting up to 3.5cm into the muscles (deeper than the standard elbow) through hot or cold therapy by using the stones as an extension of myself in remedial massage.  Hot stones are perfect for relaxing the muscles and increasing blood circulation, while cold stones can be used to reduce swelling and inflammation.  During this treatment the stones can be used for trigger points and stripping out muscle fibers.  Plus they feel fantastic and relaxing!

Dry Needling

Dry Needling

Dry Needling works with trigger points in a much more targetted and specific way.  Each needle is a high clinical grade and is disposed off after a single use.  Dry Needling is a technique that is usually closely followed with remedial massage to better loosen tight muscles and trigger points.

Cupping available at Seashelle Massage

Normally, massage provides compression on muscle fibers through pushing into trigger points.  Cupping can do the inverse of that by pulling on the muscles and allowing increased blood flow underneath the superficial layers.  At Seashelle Massage, we’re super careful to ensure the cups aren’t on for very long, as we don’t want to send anyone home with crazy octopus marks! Click here to read more about myofascial cupping.