So you’ve been hitting the gyms now that they’re back open again, and you’re feeling super sore?  Sometimes the soreness or stiffness can kick in 1 or 2 days after training (the second day is usually the worst), and this is known as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS).  While you’re getting back into the swing of things, you’re going to feel sore for longer, but don’t let this put you off, because the more you train the less you’ll feel like you’ve been hit by a truck afterwards.  Here are some handy tips to help you with your recovery to get back into the gym:

1. Streeeeeetch

Don’t forget to stretch after your exercise.  It’s ideal to stretch initially while your muscles are still warm from the workout.  If you’re at a loss for what to stretch and for how long, you can Youtube a stretch session for inspiration, putting in the keys words for where you’re feeling tight.

Childs Pose

2. Epson Salt or Magnesium Bath

Try a muscle soak in a nice hot tub (if you have one) and add Epson or Magnesium salts to it.  Woolies and Coles have Radox epson salts which are pretty convenient to get hold of.

3. Hot water bottle or heat pack

Don’t have a bathtub?  Use a hot water bottle (with a cover on it) or microwave a wheat bag to chuck on any sore spots, increasing blood flow to speed up the repair process on your protesting muscles.

4. Roll it out

Use a foam roller or something similar to loosen up the  muscles and increase blood circulation in them.  This is especially important before you start exercising again.  Too tender?  Try using a ball against the wall instead so that your body weight and gravity aren’t a factor.

Roll it out

5. Keep moving or go for a walk

While it seems counter-intuitive, it’s super important to keep moving when DOMS have set in to prevent everything getting even more stiff.

6. Get a remedial massage

Massage can be helpful for stubborn spots and to prevent injuries from occurring.  It’s also an AWESOME way to reward yourself for your motivation and hard work at the gym!  If you’d like to bribe yourself with a massage, you can head here: