Just because we’re staying at home, doesn’t mean we can’t have a bit of fun!!

Below is a short list of my favourite ideas for enjoying Easter this year.

Easter Egg Hunts

Divide the house and yard up between everyone and hide Easter eggs in your allocated areas.  Then start the hunt! Look for eggs (except for in the rooms you hid them, because that’s cheating)! Don’t forget to count how many eggs you started with so that you don’t find any melted eggs next spring clean.

Easter Egg Hunt with Clue Cards – Make up some awesome rhyming cards so that kids have to follow the clues along and solve the rhyme as they go!!

Easter Egg Hunt

Do Some Easy No-Bake baking

Look up some easy no-bake kids recipes for Easter (doesn’t matter if you don’t have kids).

Have you heard about Rock Drops?

Grab some river stones and acrylic paint, and make beautiful (or interesting) patterns on them. If you jump into NSW ROCK DROP FB group, you can then hide some rocks in a nearby park and let the FB group know you’ve done it.  The NSW ROCK DROP is also a great way to find rocks that other families have hidden too!

Have an Easter family meal

Using Zoom or FB video calls you can still sit down together as a family to enjoy a delicious meal.  Things might get messy while you’re eating on a video call, but everyone else will be in the same boat too!

Have a backyard adventure!!

Would you normally go camping at easter?  Why not camp out in the back yard?! That way you’ve still got the luxury of everything at home, plus you skip the travel time.

Watch an Easter movie!

Hop and Rise of the Guardians are just 2 of a long list of Easter related movies out there.  Have you seen them all?

Challenge each other to games!

Have an egg and spoon race! A great idea for the backyard in case things get messy!

Double Dare Jelly Bean Game!

This is a great sneaky way to get kids to try things that may not taste nice, in the hopes of eating jelly beans!  You can buy these from Kmart or online from Ebay or Amazon.  You’ll need a square cardboard box that isn’t being used or is about to go to recycling.  Draw a big jelly bean on each face of the box and colour each on one in to represent the 6 different jelly bean colours.  Each jelly bean colour can either be for a good taste, or a bad taste (the bad taste is pretty awful). Pour the jelly beans in a bowl and take turns rolling the dice to see which one you have to eat!! 

Jelly Beans

Plant Some Flowers in the Garden

A great outdoors activity to keep the kids  busy. The garden has to be looking nice enough for the Easter Bunny to want to stop by and leave some eggs!

Make Chocolate Fondue

Another creative way of enjoying chocolate this Easter!  Dip strawberries and marshmallows into delicious fondue!

Give the Gift of Giving

Leave a gift basket on the doorstep for an elderly relative or neighbour.  Craft up a basket or use something eggsisting around the house.  Fill it up with a portion of the baked goods you’ve made, some easter eggs, or anything nice to share.  Pop a couple of sweet notes in there like “you’re egg-cellent”…

Gift Hamper